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Plum Organics is a baby food company that keeps it real about parenting. Their honest voice hits the stinky, messy truth that parenting is a tough job. In these campaigns and social content series, it was my job to take their new product launch, Baby Bowls, and incorporate their greater brand message into bite-sized pieces for all social channels. You’ll find my copy in both social captions as well as in videos.

Plum Organic’s voice is smart, witty and approachable. The balance between knowing-it-all and being humble was important in connecting to parents on their level, while also being a voice of authority and aid. Plum Organics is there for them, but they’re not there to tell one how to parent.

Campaign Video

Baby Bowls Launch Video

Social Media Examples

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"Culinary to the core. NEW Apple Blackberry Oat. Delight in the art of feeding baby."

"Grow baby's palate, one spoonful at a time. NEW Apple Spinach Avocado."

"Elevated ingredients. Enlightened design. NEW Banana Raspberry Barley."

"Celebrate good taste. Treat tiny taste buds to NEW Beet Strawberry Apple Chia."

"Flavors that POP. Introduce baby to NEW Mango Carrot Turmeric."

"Let their taste buds take flight. NEW Pumpkin Banana Papaya Cardamom."